NED District Activity Day

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Northeast District Activity Day

Looks a little different this year! We are going virtual! Most of the same rules apply but instead of Face-to-Face, we are asking for pre-recorded videos.

What is District Activity Day?

District Activity Day is a day of 4-H Presentation Competition. 4-H Presentations are a huge part of North Carolina 4-H. It is one of the most successful way to help a young person learn how to do a public speech. It focuses on members teaching others what they know about a particular project/subject matter. They are sometimes called demonstrations or illustrated talk or a formal speech.

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County Activity Day

This day is used as a practice day for all our participants to get them ready for the big day! This year we are asking that all videos be submitted via the Registration Form by June 1, 2020. A participant can register through this form before they are ready to upload the video. When you are ready, simply go back to your confirmation email and “Edit Response” to upload your video.

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