4-H Summer Kits

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Our 2020 4-H Summer Programming will look a little different! Instead of face-to-face programming, we are offering at-home experiences through weekly kits. Each kit will focus on a specific program area and offer 3-4 activities geared toward youth 5-12 years old.

Each kit will be $10 or you can subscribe to 4 for $35 or all 8 for $65. Instructions will be included in each kit and may involve video tutorials. Number of kits available each week will be limited! Follow the link to SIGN UP TODAY!

*If you want to order kits for multiple children then you must fill the form out for each child.

**If you do not see the kit you want on the form, all kits have been spoken for. You can contact the office to be placed on the waitlist or get a materials list.

Kit Themes

Back to Basics Releases June 15  – This will be a learning series that focuses on skills many youth have lost touch with, including knot-tying, hand sewing, and hand lettering.

Botanical Buddies Releases June 22  – Let’s talk plant science! This kit will be filled with activities about plants, soil science, and gardening! You will be able use the “fruits of your labor” later in our Homestead Chefs Kit!

Artgenics Release June 29 – Time to get crafty! You’ll have all the materials to create masterpieces without the stress of collecting hundreds of different art supplies. Learn new techniques you never knew you could master!

Wildlife Detectives Releases July 6 – Calling all Explorers! Let’s explore your backyard, your local park, or your local refuge! In this kit you will have all the supplies to collect clues from your local wildlife and discover what else explores your community!

S.T.E.M. Lab Release July 13  – This is SCIENCE! We’re talking experiments, robots, engineering, and more! We’re putting together the Ultimate Science Lab with everything you need to be a real scientist!

Happy Harvesters Releases July 20 – Where does your food come from? Let’s find out! This kit will include interactive activities coupled with video tours of farms showing just how our food gets from the ground to the grocery store.

Homestead Chefs Releases July 27 – We’ve learned how to grow our own vegetables; we learned how our food gets from the farm to the grocery store; now it’s time to turn those raw ingredients into culinary delights! *Some ingredients will need to be purchased separately.

Mind Over Matter Release August 3 – It’s been a crazy few months and the next few don’t look much better. Let’s end the summer and start the “new normal” school year with this Peaceful Kit. In this kit, we’ll be focusing on stress relievers like yoga, character building, and healthy lifestyles.