Livestock Show Information

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69th Annual Tyrrell County

4-H Livestock Show and Sale

Wednesday April 18, 2018

Pen Checks

Pen checks will be starting in March. If your animal is located somewhere other than the home address listed on your enrollment forms, please contact the Extension Office with its location. Tuesday, March 13th, will be our weigh day. If you would like your animal weighed please contact the office by Friday, March 9th.

Animal Clinics

Buyer Contact

Again, this year you are responsible for contacting buyers. Contacting buyers is one of the most important steps in this program. Without the support from buyers our show would not be possible. Please take the time to visit with your buyer and invite them to our show. We ask that each participant deliver a flyer and a handwritten note with a picture of your animal to potential buyers. Each participant must contact at least 3 potential buyers. A list of buyers will be available at the office for those that need it. You must turn in your list of who you contacted to the office by Friday, April 6th. Flyers are available in the office or you may print them yourself.